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Adolf Hitler And The Middle Class - 901 Words

Adolf Hitler was a charismatic Austrian born demagogue that dreamed of world domination. He was a dictator and totalitarian leader who believed he would take control of the world. He exterminated anything that stood in his way. Hitler blamed two things for the turmoil in Germany: Jews and democracy; therefore, he was able to get the middle class on board with his ideas because they were suffering the most in the aftermath of the war. The middle class was paying war reparations, suffering with hyperinflation and dealing with political chaos. Hitler was elected chancellor of Germany on January 30th of 1933. They believed Hitler was the leader that would make everything better and turn the country around. The opposite happened because he ruled with racist and authoritarian principles. More than 2,000 racist laws and decrees were issued between 1933 and 1945. This made everyone extremely racist toward Jews. Hitler enforced a new set of laws called, â€Å"The Nuremberg Laws,† that segregated Jews from Germans. The first of many, was the anti-Semitic initiative, and it was the boycott of Jewish stores in April 1933. The Jews were seen as being religious. The Nazi’s did not want to have anything to do with religion. They boycotted the Jews and all Jewish businesses. Their businesses were burned or vandalized. In essence they ran the Jews out of the community and caused mass poverty in the Jewish community. The Nazi regime took control after WWI during a very tumultuous time in Germany.Show MoreRelatedAdolf Hitler : Mein Kampf, Nation And Race1108 Words   |  5 PagesJennifer Mills College Writing Dec 11, 2014 Adolf Hitler: Mein Kampf, Nation and Race Adolf Hitler was born in Austria, on April 20, 1889. He was the fourth child of the six children from Alois Hitler and Klara Polzl. When Adolf was three years old, his whole family moved into Germany. In his young age, he had many arguments with his father until he became detached and introverted when his young brother died in 1900. (HistoryLearningSite, 2014) Adolf was interested in fine arts than business, soRead MoreThe Terror Of World War II Essay1492 Words   |  6 Pages I. Adolf Hitler is no doubt the most infamous person that ever existed on this planet. He had an impact on the whole world during WWII. Hitler was the leader of the Nazi party during the second World War. Adolf Hitler had hated the Jews and had imprisoned them in what is known as concentration camps and had killed over 17 million people during WWII. II. Early Life a. Born April 20, 1889 in Braunau am Inn, Austria. b. His grandfather was in fact Jewish. c. He had grown up in a â€Å"middle-class† lifeRead MoreAdolf Hitler : The World s Most Recognizable And Notable Leaders1426 Words   |  6 Pages   Adolf Hitler, born April 20, 1889, in Braunau am Inn, Austria, grew up to be Germany’s dictator in the 1930s and early 40s, killing millions of Jews in the process. His childhood and young adulthood may be cited by some as the reason for his oppressive attitude and vicious behavior that would be very clear later in his profound life. Adolf Hitler, one the world’s most recognizable and notable leaders, lived a life marked by torture and hate, a childhood full of unfortunate events, an honorableRead More Adolf Hitler Essay1353 Words   |  6 PagesAdolf Hitler When most people think of Adolf Hitler, they think of a cruel person who killed many innocent Jews. The majority of people do not think of Hitler as the type of guy who would write plays and librettos for operas. Let alone do they think of him as the type of person who loved to read Westerns and play cowboys and Indians as a kid. Was Adolf Hitler a bad leader? Was there a side of Adolf Hitler that the world did not see? Hitler’s life impacted the world in many waysRead MoreColby Warzecha. College English. 2017. The Rise And Fall1739 Words   |  7 PagesCollege English 2017 The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler WWII was undoubtedly one of the world’s greatest calamities with millions of lives lost. This war impacts the world even today. No person bears more responsibility than Adolf Hitler. It is important; however, to learn and understand his life so that the world does not repeat the same mistakes as seen in the 20th century. Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in Braunau, Austria. His father, Alois Hitler, worked as a mid-level customs officialRead MoreWorld War II And The Nazi Party Essay1716 Words   |  7 PagesWar II DBQ† Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party rose to power during the period of time right before and during World War II. Although Hitler caused many injustices and deaths, the Germans still looked up to and admired him. German citizens saw him as a leader who brought nothing but positive changes to their country. Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party were appealing to the Germans due to Hitler’s potential of stabilizing Germany’s economy, Hitler’s favorable ideas, and the nationalism Hitler was able toRead MoreAdolf Hitler s Biography : Early Childhood Through Adolescence852 Words   |  4 PagesAdolf Hitler’s Biography Early childhood through adolescence Adolf Hitler was born April 20, 1889, In Braunau am inn, Austria, the largest town in the upper Austrian Innviertel region. Adolf was the fourth child of six to Alois Hitler and Klara Pà ¶lzl. (Rise of Hitler: Adolf Hitler Is Born). At the age of 3 his family moved to Passau, Germany, there he acquired the distinctive lower Bavarian dialect, rather than Austrian German, which marked his speech throughout his life. In 1894 Adolf’s familyRead MoreThe Terror Of Wwii : Adolf Hitler1456 Words   |  6 PagesThe Terror of WWII: Adolf Hitler’s Rise to Power Adolf Hitler is no doubt the most infamous person that ever existed on this planet. He had an impact on the whole world during WWII and had changed every person’s view of war in the 1930s and 1940s. Hitler was the leader (or Fuhrer) of Germany and the head of the Nazi party during the Second World War ( Adolf had hated everyone that did not have the same â€Å"perfect† quality that the â€Å"Aryan race† had, which is basicallyRead MoreMathew Milby. English Iv. Mrs. Tyree. March 28, 2017. Adolf1071 Words   |  5 PagesMilby English IV Mrs. Tyree March 28, 2017 Adolf Hitler a Great Leader? A great leader firstly should be able to take full advantage of favorable circumstances, able to rule the country under a chaotic situation. Hitler made attractive promises to gain popular support, he was skilled in using propaganda and amoral. Hitler may have killed millions of people but his leading skills were outstanding even if he used them for the wrong reasons. Adolf Hitler was one of the 20th century’s most powerfulRead MoreSteering the World toward World War II1186 Words   |  5 Pagescitizens started to support political violence that would bring social and economic prosperity to Europe. As a result, authoritarian regimes started to rise up and take control over their citizens’ lives. Dictators such as Mussolini, Stalin, and Hitler appear out of large support and were praised for the discipline and ideologies they brought to their country. These authoritarians supported the people’s use of violence for political reasons, which led scholars to the term totalitarianism. Totalitarianism

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John Coltrane - 1566 Words

Intro to Music Masterworks Final Paper Jazz music was originally developed by African Americans during the start of the twentieth century. Throughout the semester we have studied the timeline of musical periods including the Romantic and Classical eras of music. Becoming internationally popular in the 1920s, jazz music has been typically described as Americas Classical Music. The musical periods we have discussed in this course have influenced and show a strong relation to jazz music and also jazz musicians. Among these musicians, is John Coltrane, considered one of the greatest jazz saxophonists and composers of all time. He was also one of the most important and influential musicians of the twentieth century. John†¦show more content†¦This performance was perhaps the most memorable of his career. During this stage of his career he released an individual album Blue Train recorded by Alfred Lion and Blue Note productions, which was considered the powerhouse of this era in jazz. Blue Train was one of the most important and best-selling albums that Blue Note has ever released. In the late 50s through the early 60s, Coltrane was welcomed back by Miles Davis and company since at this point he was drug-free. Jazz critic Ira Gitler invented the term sheets of sound expressing the one of a kind style of Coltranes music during this era with Davis. During this time they wrote sessions like Milestones and Kind Of Blue and also recorded the hit single, So What which was recorded in 1959 with Coltrane soloing. Miles Davis and John Coltrane put together amazing jazz that we appreciate today, but the audience at that present time were very critical. For instance, their last show which was held in France resulted in them being booed off the stage. Soon after the duo went their separate ways, John began playing soprano saxophone, an unusual transition that was questioned by many people at the time. Rumor has it that he made the switch because the mouthpiece of the tenor saxophone was causin g severeShow MoreRelatedEssay on John Coltrane1679 Words   |  7 Pages John Coltrane: An Experimental Musician Jazz, which evolved from African American folk music, has developed and changed over the last century to become an art form in America. It places particular importance on inventive self interpretation. Rather than relying on a written piece, the artist improvises. Jazz has taken many forms over the past seventy years; there is almost always a single person who can be credited with the evolution of that sound. From Thelonius Monk, and his bebop, to Dizzy Gillespie’sRead MoreEssay on John Coltrane914 Words   |  4 PagesJohn Coltrane John Coltrane was born on September 23, 1926, in Hamlet, North Carolina. This particular day had important astrological significance. It was the day of the autumn equinox, one of only two days through the year where night and day are perfectly equal (Fraim 7). Shortly after his birth, Coltranes family moved to High Point, North Carolina. He lived in a nice neighborhood sharing a house with his mom and dad, aunt and uncle and cousin, and his grandparents, the Blairs (7)Read More John Coltrane Essay5593 Words   |  23 Pagessearch for the incorporation of his spirituality with his music. John Coltrane was not only an essential contributor to jazz, but also music itself. John Coltrane died thirty-two years ago, on July 17, 1967, at the age of forty. In the years since, his influence has only grown, and the stellar avant-garde saxophonist has become a jazz legend of a stature shared only by Louis Armstrong and Charlie Parker. As an instrumentalist Coltrane was technically and imaginatively equal to both; as a composer heRead More Spirituality and John Coltrane Essay3937 Words   |  16 PagesSpirituality and John Coltrane After being fired from Miles Daviss band in 1957 for his chronic use of heroin, John Coltrane was hurt tremendously. He decided it was time he quit using heroin. He took a month off from music while he went cold turkey. During this month in the early spring of 1957, Coltrane had a momentous religious experience (Nisenson, 40). Coltrane asked God to give him the means and privilege to make others happy through music (Coltrane, 1995, 2). As timeRead MoreJohn Coltrane Essay1579 Words   |  7 PagesJohn Coltrane John Coltrane Jazz, taking its roots in African American folk music, has evolved, metamorphosed, and transposed itself over the last century to become a truly American art form. More than any other type of music, it places special emphasis on innovative individual interpretation. Instead of relying on a written score, the musician improvises. For each specific period or style through which jazz has gone through over the past seventy years, there is almost always a single personRead MoreWhat Makes John Coltrane?2416 Words   |  10 Pagessee the light in this complicated world of ours. One of the many people in this world who have experienced this enlightenment is John Coltrane. What makes this man special is that he like many others started out life with no path he only lived in the moment not thinking about how he can leave his mark on the world. However unlike the majority of the population Coltrane midway through his life realised he needed to make a change in the world and that the way he would do it would be through his musicRead MoreJohn Coltrane : A Legendary Saxophonist1028 Words   |  5 PagesJohn Coltrane John Coltrane is noted as a legendary saxophonist. His career was brief, controversial yet noted among the most important figure in Jazz. He grew up playing the clarinet and eventually changed to the alto and tenor saxophone. He was not only a musician, but he was also a composer. He endured the loss of several influential men at a young age. Throughout his musical career, he played in many bands including quartets, quintets and sextets. He played alongside many great musicians duringRead MoreCry - Alvin Ailey Essay780 Words   |  4 Pagesspecific detail in order to portray the intent as well as possible. For example, in this work there are three distinct sections and for each new section, there is a new song that is played. The songs used in this work are ‘Something About John Coltrane’ by Alice Coltrane, ‘Been On A Train’ by Laura Nyro and ‘Right On. Be Free.’ by The Voices Of East Harlem. In a couple of these songs the word ‘northâ₠¬â„¢ is used quite a bit. My personal interpretation is that these slaves perhaps saw freedom and/or refugeRead MoreThe Influence Of Jazz Music2019 Words   |  9 Pagesthe musician (Larson 2). John Coltrane was one of many musicians that used jazz as this medium. Through his early works in the bebop and hard bop styles to free form and more spiritual styled music later in his career, Coltrane pursued deeper expression from his music (Wikipedia). John Coltrane’s upbringing and early interest in music led to a successful career of highly innovative works that have left a lasting legacy and influence on the jazz community. John William Coltrane was born September 23Read MoreMy Best Abilities The Beginning Of Coltrane s Alabama With King s Speech1557 Words   |  7 Pagesbeginning of Coltrane s Alabama with King s speech. Hearing a recording of the two overlapping is much more obvious but you can still see how some of the words can fit into the rhythms Coltrane played. I personally believe Coltrane did this on purpose. Of course, we have no way of know but there are some points in the speech and music where it lines up so well that it s unmistakable. There are also parts that do not mix well together, some of which you can see above but maybe Coltrane did that on

The company I would like to talk about is Starbucks Free Essays

A company’s individual organizational structure is a formal composition of task and reporting relationships that allows the company to control, coordinate, and motivate employees so a common goal can be achieved (Bateman Snell, 2009, p. 505). Starbucks last structure is a matrix structure to maximize communication. We will write a custom essay sample on The company I would like to talk about is Starbucks or any similar topic only for you Order Now It was implemented in 2008 to strengthen partnerships, and improve customer service. Starbucks has 4 divisions within the U. S. Each division has its own supporting functions, which report to their own department and the division. The support functions are â€Å"designed to consolidate functional activities into teams that have a shared vision and goals to support the business† (Schultz, 2008, para. 10 ). Organization mission: Starbucks’ mission is to â€Å"inspire and nurture the human spirit— one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time†. (Starbucks, 2011, para. 7 ). Starbuck is commited to be good to people and the environment. They have implemented several programs to support communities and coffee farmers. They also make donations to African communities to help people living with HIV. Fiscal Policies: Starbucks has a very strong corporate social responsibility governance. All operations and reports are conformed to legal requirements enforced by the SEC and any other governmental agencies. Competition: â€Å"Today, with more than 15,000 stores in 50 countries, Starbucks is the premier roaster and retailer of specialty coffee in the world† (Starbucks, 2011, para. 7). Starbucks’ biggest competitors are Mcdonald’s, 7-Eleven, Dunkin Donuts, and Caribou Coffee. However, Starbucks has managed to stay ahead because of the unique quality of their coffee and their customer service. Economy: The 2008 restructure implementation has helped Starbucks to overcome the global economic crisis. â€Å"During this past fiscal year, revenues increased to a record $10. 7 billion. Operating income increased by $857 million from fi scal 2009 to $1. 4 billion† (Schultz, 2011, p. 3). Customer demands: Customers come to Starbucks for a unique coffee experience, personalized customer service. Globalization: Starbucks has stores in 50 different countries. Communication can be challenging when dealing with different cultures. Starbucks welcomes diversity. Starbucks believes that † by welcoming a diversity of people and ideas to our business, we create more opportunities for learning and success that benefit customers, partners (employees) and suppliers† (Starbucks, 2011, para. 5). How to cite The company I would like to talk about is Starbucks, Papers

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Swept by passion Essay Example For Students

Swept by passion Essay Nikhil, a man of subtle views and very little opinion, did not have the desire to lead. At the time, this was very feminine. Bimala was forced by the passion to follow a leader, someone filled with masculinity. Bimala and Nikhil make up in a way that does not represent a husband and wife relationship. Nikhil becomes so unsatisfied with the actions of Bimala. Nikhil does not want Bimala to praise him and be his servant but wants her to be a supportive wife that is there for him. Bimala does not understand this because even when filled with passion she was always following someone. We will write a custom essay on Swept by passion specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now Being swept away by passion, Bimala begins to try to rebuild her life first by making up with the one she loves. Bimala goes to Nikhil not as a wife, but as a desperate woman. She pleads for Nikhil to forgive her and tells him how she will praise him and be of service more. Nikhil in no fashion desires this kind of treatment but truly wants a normal wife. Nikhil dies leaving Bimala with no one. She states, I feel I want to die(185). Trying to stop a riot that Bimalas passion had probably caused, Nikhil is killed. Bimala becomes someone that is truly alone with no life to live. Her passion destroyed her life and turned it into a tragedy. A woman full of so much potential becomes oblivious to her life because of the passion she had. Bimala was swept away by the passion that so quickly attacked her. Her passion ended her life and destroyed the life of many others. Bimala believed in something that she did not even know, but was swept away by the passion. An example of Bimalas same passion that soon becomes a tragedy is Hamlet. Hamlet is swept away by the passion to kill Claudius. Haste me to knowt, that I, with wings as swift as meditation or the thoughts of love, may sweep to my revenge. (1.5. 35). Hamlet forgets his own life in order to pursue what his desires are. His passion for revenge consumes him as he leaving his life behind. By accident Hamlet kills the wrong person, Polonius, due to his passionate desires. Hamlet states, Nay, I know not: is it the king? (3. 4. 33). Not even checking behind the curtain, Hamlet is driven by his own passion and forgets everything else but to kill. Thinking that it was the king Hamlet creates the beginning of his own tragedy. The passion swept them away, leaving them with nothing, not even their lives. Bimala started off as a woman that was sheltered from the world. She became obsessed with Sandip and the cause, forgetting everything else that she had. As the passion became the key factor in her life she did things that she never thought she could do. Bimalas life was engulfed by passion, leaving her life behind. As the passion left her, her life miserably ended. After Nikhil died Bimala had nobody and no life to spare. Bimala became a human without anyone, not even passion. Bimalas tragedy was caused by the passion that overcame her. Bimala brought this tragedy on herself. Because Bimala is swept away by passion she creates her own tragedy.

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Difference Between Natural and Artificial Flavors

Difference Between Natural and Artificial Flavors If you read the labels on food, youll see the words natural flavoring or artificial flavoring.. Natural flavoring must be good, while artificial flavoring is bad, right? Not so fast! Lets take a look at what natural and artificial really mean. There are two ways to look at natural and artificial flavors. First, there is the formal definition of an artificial flavoring, as defined by the Code of Federal Regulations: ... a natural flavor is the essential oil, oleoresin, essence or extractive, protein hydrolysate, distillate, or any product of roasting, heating or enzymolysis, which contains the flavoring constituents derived from a spice, fruit or fruit juice, vegetable or vegetable juice, edible yeast, herb, bark, bud, root, leaf or similar plant material, meat, seafood, poultry, eggs, dairy products, or fermentation products thereof, whose significant function in food is flavoring rather than nutritional. Anything else is considered artificial. That covers a lot of ground. In practice, most natural and artificial flavors are exactly the same chemical compounds, differing only by their source. Both natural and artificial chemicals are processed in a lab to ensure purity. Safety of Natural Versus Artificial Flavors Is natural better or safer than artificial? Not necessarily. For example, diacetyl is the chemical in butter that makes it taste buttery. Its added to some microwave popcorn to make it butter-flavored and is listed on the label as an artificial flavoring. Whether the flavor comes from real butter or is made in a lab, when you heat diacetyl in a microwave oven, the volatile chemical enters the air, where you can breathe it into your lungs. Regardless of the source, this can cause health problems. In some cases, natural flavor might be more dangerous than artificial flavoring. For example, natural flavor extracted from almonds can contain toxic cyanide. The artificial flavor has the taste, without the risk of contamination by the undesirable chemical. Can You Taste the Difference? In other cases, you can taste a world of difference between natural and artificial flavors. When a single chemical (artificial flavoring) is used to mimic a whole food, flavor is affected. For example, you can probably taste the difference between blueberry muffins made with real blueberries versus muffins made with artificial blueberry flavor or real strawberry ice cream versus artificially flavored strawberry ice cream. A key molecule might be present, but the true flavor may be more complex. In other cases, the artificial flavor might not capture the essence of the flavor you expect. Grape flavoring is a classic example here. Artificial grape flavor tastes nothing like grapes you eat, but the reason is that that molecule comes from Concord grapes, not table grapes, so its not the taste most people are used to eating. Its worth noting a natural flavor must be labeled as an artificial flavor, even if it comes from natural sources if it is added to a product to impart a flavor that isnt already present. So, if you add blueberry flavor, from real blueberries to a raspberry pie, the blueberry would be an artificial flavoring. The Bottom Line The take-home message here is that both natural and artificial flavors are highly processed in a lab. Pure flavors are chemically indistinguishable, where you would not be able to tell them apart. Natural and artificial flavors diverge when artificial flavors are used to try to simulate complex natural flavors rather than one single chemical compound. Natural or artificial flavors may be safe or dangerous, on a case by case basis. The complex chemicals, both healthful and harmful, are missing from any purified flavoring compared with the whole food.

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Finding Conditions for Factor Returns and Scale Returns

Finding Conditions for Factor Returns and Scale Returns A factor return is the return attributable to a particular common factor, or an element that influences many assets which can include factors like market capitalization, dividend yield, and risk indices, to name a few. Returns to scale, on the other hand, refer to what happens as the scale of production increases over the long term as all inputs are variable. In other words, scale returns represent the change in output from a proportionate increase in all inputs. To put these concepts into play, lets take a look at a production function with a factor returns and scale returns practice problem. Factor Returns and Returns to Scale Economics Practice Problem Consider the production function Q KaLb. As an economics student, you may be asked to find conditions on a and b such that the production function exhibits decreasing returns to each factor, but increasing returns to scale. Lets look at how you might approach this. Recall that in the article Increasing, Decreasing, and Constant Returns to Scale that we can easily answer these factor returns and scale returns questions by simply doubling the necessary factors and doing some simple substitutions. Increasing Returns to Scale Increasing returns to scale would be when we double all factors and production more than doubles. In our example we have two factors K and L, so well double K and L and see what happens: Q KaLb Now lets double all our factors, and call this new production function Q Q (2K)a(2L)b Rearranging leads to: Q 2abKaLb Now we can substitute back in our original production function, Q: Q 2abQ To get Q 2Q, we need 2(ab) 2. This occurs when a b 1. As long as ab 1, we will have increasing returns to scale. Decreasing Returns to Each Factor But per our practice problem, we also need decreasing returns to scale in each factor. Decreasing returns for each factor occurs when we double only one factor, and the output less than doubles. Lets try it first for K using the original production function: Q KaLb Now lets double K, and call this new production function Q Q (2K)aLb Rearranging leads to: Q 2aKaLb Now we can substitute back in our original production function, Q: Q 2aQ To get 2Q Q (since we want decreasing returns for this factor), we need 2 2a. This occurs when 1 a. The math is similar for factor L when considering the original production function: Q KaLb Now lets double L, and call this new production function Q Q Ka(2L)b Rearranging leads to: Q 2bKaLb Now we can substitute back in our original production function, Q: Q 2bQ To get 2Q Q (since we want decreasing returns for this factor), we need 2 2a. This occurs when 1 b. Conclusions and Answer So there are your conditions. You need ab 1, 1 a, and 1 b in order to exhibit decreasing returns to each factor of the function, but increasing returns to scale. By doubling factors, we can easily create conditions where we have increasing returns to scale overall, but decreasing returns to scale in each factor. More Practice Problems for Econ Students: Elasticity of Demand Practice ProblemAggregate Demand Aggregate Supply Practice Problem

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Importance of the Marketing Concept to McDonalds Assignment

Importance of the Marketing Concept to McDonalds - Assignment Example Marketers can only offer service propositions, but their â€Å"value† depends on customers’ experiences and assessments. An organisation uses the marketing concept by interpreting customers’ needs through their values, beliefs, and practices, adopting this understanding to guide organisational vision, mission, and core values, and finally implementing it through intelligence gathering, sharing, and application, one of which is through the marketing mix. See Figure 1 for the Marketing Concept. Organisations use the marketing concept because they are aware that it has been empirically related to higher sales, profitability, product quality, success of new products/services, employee morale, and general performance (Ailawadi, et al., 2006; Shiu and Yu, 2010; van Triest, et al., 2009). Figure 1: The Marketing Concept Source: Nakata and Sivakumar (2001, p.256) MCDONALD’S: COMPANY OVERVIEW McDonald’s Corporation operates and franchises McDonald’s r estaurants in 119 countries. McDonald’s restaurants offer a standard menu, which includes, â€Å"McDonald’s menu includes hamburgers and cheeseburgers, Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Filet-O-Fish, several chicken sandwiches, Chicken McNuggets, Snack Wraps, French fries, salads, oatmeal, shakes, McFlurry desserts, sundaes, soft serve cones, pies, soft drinks, coffee, McCafe beverages and other beverages,† including local and limited-time products (, 2013). Furthermore, the company enjoys sustained growth with a global comparable sales growth of 3.1%. Sources showed that some of the target market’s needs and wants are: 1) the need to buy quick and tasty food for busy parents and businesspeople; 2) parents want to give treats to their... This discussion declares that the marketing concept has evolved significantly for the past sixty years. Most of the definitions of the marketing concept in the 1960s emphasise the relationship between organisations and customers, while current definitions in the twenty-first century seek to be more inclusive by embracing a stakeholder approach to defining and attaining â€Å"values†. As the paper stresses McDonald’s Corporation operates and franchises McDonald’s restaurants in 119 countries. McDonald’s restaurants offer a standard menu, which includes, â€Å"McDonald’s menu includes hamburgers and cheeseburgers, Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Filet-O-Fish, several chicken sandwiches, Chicken McNuggets, Snack Wraps, French fries, salads, oatmeal, shakes, McFlurry desserts, sundaes, soft serve cones, pies, soft drinks, coffee, McCafe beverages and other beverages,† including local and limited-time products. The company enjoys sustained growth with a global comparable sales growth of 3.1%. The marketing concept is relevant to McDonald’s because of its tools of competition analysis and 7Ps marketing mix. For competition, the next contender to having the biggest global market share is Yum! Brands, Inc. KFC is expanding its menu through adding wraps and local food, even vegetables for some Asian markets. Burger King and Wendy’s are updating their store designs and layout. Apart from competition analysis, McDonald’s can be examined further through its 7Ps marketing mix.